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Provide Uninterrupted Access to Resources and Applications

Traditional Solutions: Hidden Costs

Server downtime is expensive – but the costs and complexities of availability solutions keep them out of reach of most small and mid-sized organizations. In addition to the cost of required hardware and software, organizations must invest capital for planning and management by dedicated, specialized IT personnel.

Availability Solutions from IntralinQ let you choose:

Manage the solution yourself – or, let us manage and maintain it for you.

IntralinQ Provides Customized, User-Friendly Solutions

Keep your users connected to working applications and practically eliminate down time, no matter where the failure occurs: the operating system, the network, a hardware component, or a software application.

IntralinQ provides cost effective, easy-to-use Availability Solutions for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Oracle and File Servers. Features include:

  • Automatic Failover
    • Ensure continuous application availability in the event of server failure or required shut-down: synchronized replicas kick-in automatically, or with the push of a button.
  • Continuous Data Replication
    • Maintain identical, real-time replicas of database and application servers.
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Protect your business from disaster such as flood or fire: restore data to any server, any location.
  • Proactive Monitoring
    • Go beyond traditional availability solutions: monitor replica systems, real-time.

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