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Minimize Data Loss and Recovery Time

Continuous Data Protection

Restoring corrupted data from overnight backups may erase an entire day's worth of work. Continuous Data Protection Solutions from IntralinQ provide continuous protection in the event of isolated data corruption episodes.

Rewind Technology

Retrieve data at the point just prior to data interruption – minimizing data loss and time-to-recovery. No need to restore an entire backup volume.


Perform a full system restoration, normally in less than half the time it takes to re-install and recover from traditional backup methods.

Integrates with Existing Technologies

Leverage your current backup infrastructure investment: IntralinQ solutions integrate with existing technologies.

Available Bundled, or Standalone

Control your budget: Continuous Data Protection is embedded in our Availability Solutions, or available as a standalone product.


Downtime costs: lost productivity, lost revenue, lost customers and lost opportunities. Synchronized, real-time server replicas protect the integrity of crucial information systems and ensure continuous service:

  • Local or remote, WAN-based replicas
  • Automatic failover
  • User-friendly manual failover